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Cup of Elijah:
The Fifth Cup of the Seder

The last time I wrote, I shared about the 4th Seder cup—the Cup of Praise which celebrates God making the Jewish people into a great nation. However, to many Jewish people, this cup is bittersweet, since many are still in exile and awaiting the return of the Messiah. For this reason, the Rabbis instituted a […]

Cup of Praise:
The Fourth cup of the Seder

Passover is upon us in one week! How amazingly exciting! The 4th cup of the Seder is the Cup of Praise. When drinking this cup, we sing and rejoice that Israel was made into a nation at Sinai! The leader of the Seder says that Lord has remembered us; and to this day, God has […]

Cup of Redemption:
The Third Cup of the Seder

The Cup of Redemption is the third cup of the Passover Seder and is the first cup to be drunk after the meal. It is believed that it is the Cup of Redemption that Jesus instructed the disciples to partake of in the last supper, since both accounts in Matthew 26:27 and Luke 22:19 describe […]

Passover Around the World

There is no more meaningful celebration in Jewish life than that of Passover. It is deeply rooted in Jewish history and is an essential part of Jewish identity. Passover is also as wide as it is deep. Jewish communities around the world have added their own particular flavors by elaborating upon their already existing traditions […]

What Passover Means To Me

Enjoy these testimonies from our recent Passover Seders! Thank you so much for the beautiful evening we spent at the seder dinner – the food was superb and the ceremony was spiritually very meaningful to us! At the end of the dinner, we were asked to fill out an address card. Our table was one […]