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How to Host a Passover Seder

One of the most moving moments in the life of Jesus occurs at the very end of His earthly ministry. It is known as the Last Supper – the final gathering of Jesus and the disciples to celebrate Passover on the last night of His earthly life. Although many believers have been aware of the […]

Jesus the Messiah in the Four Cups of Passover

The four cups of Passover are an integral part of the Passover celebration. They stand for each of the four promises the Lord makes to His people in Exodus 6:6-7. The Cup of Sanctification “I will bring you out from under the burdens of the Egyptians.” The Cup of Deliverance “I will rescue you from […]

Modern Samaritans and the Ancient Passover Sacrifice

One day, while passing through the disreputable district of Samaria, Jesus encountered a woman at a well. You know the story. The woman, uncomfortable at the direction of the conversation, switched to a religious point: “Our fathers worshiped on this mountain, and you Jews say that in Jerusalem is the place where one ought to […]

Passover Through the Ages

The Passover celebration is one of the cornerstones of Jewish observance. The rousing tale of Moses the Deliverer and the exodus of the children of Israel from Egypt contains all the elements of Jewish history: God’s promise, Israel’s somewhat reluctant obedience, and a faithful servant to inspire them and lead them forward. As we see […]

Witnessing Through the Passover

A number of persuasive items can be taken from the Passover that point directly to the life and ministry of Jesus the Messiah. God is faithful. The same God of creation who made His covenant with Abraham is faithful to guide His chosen people through history to their ultimate destination.

The Meaning of Passover

The removal of leaven Before the beginning of the Passover, all leaven, which is a symbol of sin (1 Cor. 5:6-8), must be removed from the Jewish home. The house is cleaned from top to bottom and anything containing leaven is removed. Then, the evening before the Passover, the father of the house takes the […]

Passover in Israel – Past and Present

Every life has its landmarks: the first meeting with your future spouse, that initial open door that leads to other possibilities, or a decision to move on to uncharted territory. We reflect upon these landmarks as we consider the meaning of the story that the Lord is telling through our lives. Nations also look back […]

The Story of the Seder Plate

Does your family keep heirlooms? No matter if you’re rich or poor, the chances are that somewhere, hidden in an attic or a drawer, there is an object from another generation that has somehow passed into your family’s possession. It could be a photograph. It could be a book. It could be a candlestick. From […]

The Cost of Deliverance

I never really liked Passover when I was a kid. My parents held a seder (the traditional Passover meal) at our house every year with many close friends and family members, both Jews and Gentiles, everyone laughing and reading and eating – but not bringing any kids for my brother and me to play with. […]